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AS Ćmielów

Dancers Masovia Porcelain Figurine Stripes Decoration by M. Naruszewicz for AS Ćmielów

869 PLN

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Masovia Dancers Stripes Decor
Masovia Dancers 2
Masovia Dancers 3
Masovia Dancers 4
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869 PLN

ID: 494025

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Mid-century modern, Polish Modernism




Ceramics: porcelain


21st c.


White, Black, Multicolor


Mieczysław Naruszewicz


AS Ćmielów




13.5 cm


12.5 cm


9 cm

Dancers Masovia Porcelain Figurine Stripes Decoration by M. Naruszewicz for AS Ćmielów

Porcelain figurine of Masovia dancers designed in 1957 by Mieczysław Naruszewicz. Nowadays produced by AS Ćmielów, it was handmade from the highest quality porcelain and then decorated with ceramic paints by the painters. The product has a special protection in the form of under-glazed and glazed signs. The products manufactured in our factory have, among others, the factory logo underneath. The figurine is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which includes information about manual production and decoration, as well as information about the product (name, name of the designer, year of design). In case of figurines, a unique product number is additionally entered into the certificate (assigned according to factory marking systems).

The designs of the first figures were created at the Institute of Industrial Design around 1955. A group of designers, including Henryk Jędrasiak, Lubomir Tomaszewski, Hanna Orthwein and Mieczysław Naruszewicz, were tasked with designing intimate ceramic sculptures to decorate a modern interior. In total, about one hundred models were created, which depict mainly animals, less often people.

Mieczysław Naruszewicz studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (X. Dunikowski's studio) from 1947 to 1949, then from 1949 to 1951 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (graduated in 1953). In 1956-61, he designed at the Department of Ceramics and Glass in Warsaw. Together with H. Jędrasiak, H. Orthwein and L. Tomaszewski prepared models of chamber sculpture for Polish porcelain factories. He designed about 44 patterns, among others: Lying Coke, Sroka, Corrida Bull, Boar.

In the 1960s, he worked as a designer in the IWP Design Department, preparing, together with his team, designs for the body of the Star 200 van (co-authored by J. Pawłowski, A. Kasten, St. Soszyński), locomotives and passenger cars and trams. None of the projects went beyond the study phase. In 1978-1983 he headed the Design Studio at the Association of Mechanized Home Appliances Industry "Predom". His artistic output also includes monumental sculpture projects, such as the "1000th Anniversary of Polish Riding" monument in Warsaw (Polish Riding Roundabout, unveiling 1994).

Item ID 494025

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