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Zieta Studio

Drab Hanger Inox by O. Zięta, Zieta Studio

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3 700 PLN

ID: 530793

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Minimalism, Contemporary




Metal: steel


21st c.




Oskar Zięta


Zieta Studio




46 cm


188 cm

Drab Hanger Inox by O. Zięta, Zieta Studio

Drab series is based on a simple shape – a 90-degree shaped “H” letter inflated in FiDU – designed as a hanger or a mirror.

Drab bedroom hanger for dressing-gowns and towels is a functional decorative object. It can well serve as a place to hang a piece of clothing for those in constant rush and no time for folding, and as an extravagant sculpture. It resembles a ladder, but is not destined for climbing – it can lead you straight to an aesthetic delight.

The selected product is non-prefabricated and is made for your individual order according to your specifications, based on the available variants.

The entire offer of Zieta Studio is available in yestersen's offer. Contact us by writing to [email protected] if you want to choose a different variant, color or finish.

Zieta is more than a brand or design studio. It’s a – „prozessdesign” – a studio that designs the whole process of creating objects, not just the items. Established by acclaimed architect Oskar Zięta, it’s working in innovating production method FiDU. This novel process is manufacturing (among other) everyday objects from metal sheets that are simultaneously engineering achievements and works of art. With the use of robots, 2D designs are being cut in metal sheets with laser and later pumped with pressure. The final look depends on the material itself and is unique because the metal bends however it wants. That is why every object is distinctive and novel. Zieta’s balloon-like chairs and mirrors are light and durable at the same time. His renowned designs are in the collections of famed museums like Centre Pompidou in Paris, among others.

Item ID 530793

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